Storage Facility

Climate controlled electric motor and apparatus storage is a proven solution for insuring your critical equipment is in optimal operating condition when called back into service.  Metal surfaces are prone to rust and corrosion in tropical climates, these conditions are eliminated when both temperature and humidity are properly controlled.

Electric motor and generator insulation systems and windings are particularly effected by moisture accumulation. Climate controlled storage will insure moisture free insulation systems which is verified and recorded during our scheduled megger testing.

Shaft rotation is also performed to accomplish two objectives. First, to make certain lubrication is circulated into ball bearings, onto sleeve bearings and respective shafts. Second, to reposition the shaft so it’s not in contact at the same place for more than 60 days. Ball bearings have tendencies to indent either the inner or outer bearing races if they remain in the same position for any length of time. In addition, on large rotating equipment, the weight of the rotating member will have a tendency to bow if shaft rotation does not occur on a regular basis.

Electric motors and generators repaired at Scott Armature that immediately enter our storage facility will receive a 5 year warranty. The standard one year warranty will begin upon date of shipment within the five year period.

DC motors benefit greatly when stored in a climate controlled warehouse. A common occurrence of DC motors stored in the field is the corrosion to the brush rigging and commutator surface. This condition can reduce the operating efficiency and result in premature carbon brush wear and winding failure. DC motors have more windings they AC motors. This creates increased chances of winding failures. Armature, field, and interpole windings are all susceptible to moisture and corrosion. This can create complex problems in the field that are not easily corrected. Storage of DC motors in a climate controlled warehouse will remove these issues and insure optimal performance.

Each piece of equipment is assigned a location identification number. It is entered into our tracking database where maintenance records of all in storage service is recorded. Also a complete folder is attached to the unit for entries being made by the person performing the service. Keeping duel records allow for cross checking maintenance histories so each motor is kept on a strict schedule of service.


142,000 Square Feet
30 Ton Crane Capacity
Price on request for unload and load over 30 tons


Units arriving for storage will be cataloged and assigned a location number. Existing nameplate data and any pertinent ID# or equipment ID# will be included in the storage record.


Stored units will undergo shaft rotation every 60 days
Stored units will be meggered upon arrival, once annually and upon departure
A maintenance log will be recorded for each unit and available for review upon request


Stored units will be available for shipment 24 hours per day, 365 days per year


Storage fees are typically calculated on a per square foot basis with adders for height and weight. Storage fees will be billed quarterly in advance. Please contact Kip Schellhaas listed below for pricing and availability.

Ph: 504.394.6903
Fax: 504.394.1450

Storage Contacts

David Kent
Kip Schellhaas
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